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There would be a few ways to breath new life into JKII

-Make bots that can play as CTF teams, they would know their positions and act accodringly. Make them good enough to CTF that they could defeat decent teams when used on their highest setting. No more backwards running boring bots.

-Expansion pack, more SP levels

-Release a patch that has all setting the same as 1.02, with the addition of Promod blocking system and damage system. Also keep the invisible absorb.

-Add new saber stylev (double blade)

-Add new weapons (proximity mines would do wonders for CTF defense)

- Add maps for MP

-Add skins, many many skins

-Refuse all suggestions from anyone until they prove themselves to be good players. If they suck you can happily ignore their suggestions, so as to avoid another patching mistake.

That is all, you can start bowing now.

Battlefield 1942........
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