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General things, and expansion pack things would help JK2 much.

General things:

Make the patching guys stop listening to n00bs when they complain that people are beating them.

Shrink-wrap ArtifeX and mail him to Rraven in order to help with the expansion pack

Expansion pack things:

Adjust the falling system so you don't get hurt by falling a distance that you could have jumped.

Add some force powers

Adopt the best player-made maps and skins, at least the ones that don't cause any copyright issues. (and pay the original creators some money)

do everything that's in ProMod and JediMod, creating extra game types for the things that shouldn't be standard.

Make some more maps and skins.

Add the ability to grab the edges of stuff to climb up.

Create a user-friendly command console for when there are bots on your team, so that you can tell a bot to defend a certain player, attack a certain player, defend a certain place, and CTF-specific commands like "protect flag", where they defend their flag and attacks anyone who takes it, and "go for the other flag" where they try to get the enemy flag, or defend the player who has it.

Add some more weapons like proximity mines, flamethrowers, and full unarmed.

That is all. Disciple applications will be accepted until Tuesday.

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