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I think we are all lucky to have the talented mappers we do, and that they share their maps with us.
Praise be, we are lucky indeed.

Complaining about what they may put in them is really unappreciative and childish at best.
I bet you defend George Lucas too. Three words: Jar, Jar and Binks. Just because Lucas made the films, doesn't mean he's immune to criticism. He should LISTEN to it and improve. Lucas tries to be funny too. He's TERRIBLE at it, and he should curl up in shame at the crap he put into the prequels, and to a lesser extent RotJ. Pratfalling furry midgets, that's REAL mature.

Lucas does what some mapmakers do. He tries to be funny, and ends up being obnoxious and annoying.

Final word: If you're trying to make a serious map, that feels real and has atmosphere, don't ruin it by trying to be funny. It just spoils the atmosphere you've tried so hard to build with your architecture, lighting and sound.

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