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As for making a server, why don't you make an effort to find a large number of players from the same geographical location as yourself, who can work to re-establish some of your west-coast servers. It's doubtful you're the only Hawaiian looking for a game of JO. Or is that too much work?
I have posted here a couple of times as well as on a local website for Hawain gamers. I have also rented a server running at the local LAN shop called PC Bang and after 2 weeks of no one being on except me they took it down. So I have done my legwork and put up money as well. Unfortunately most of the gamers are caught up in CS.

That's unfortunate for you. What about the Zone?
I have tried to use the Zone as well. Pings above 150 people tend to stay away from.

Nobody likes a patronising person.
I apologize...but I have heard that run your own server thing many times even though I have tried that option.

As for complaining about the fanboys and the patches...I think the mere fact that we have these shouting matches to begin with is the reason a majority of gamers dropped. We (I am including myself) have pointed fingers and shouted at each other enough. Jump on most servers (especially a FF, guns server) and there is more name calling than shooting. Puts off casual and avid gamers alike. Heck, even in the forums there is division.

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