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Originally posted by Spider AL

If you'd ever demonstrated taste and thoughtfulness in the past Fatal, I'd suspect you of sarcasm here. OH NOS!

Now disregarding that, and focussing on your eternal whining: everyone gets killed occasionally, myself included of course. And you. And everyone on this board who has ever played. But the plain fact of the matter is: Default JO is a game of skill. (Somewhat dependant on ping, like all online games.) If you lose more than you want to lose, Fatalstrike, then practice more. Or get a better connection, either will do. I long ago figured out that the only things you can legitimately blame your losses on are:

1. Ping.
2. Yourself.

Blaming your shortcomings on the game itself is not one of the more convincing excuses, in my book.
I never said that I had a problem with losing, nor did I say I lose anymore or less. Do you live in the land of assumption, or do you just make a visit when responding to my posts.

Originally posted by Spider AL
OR WHAT? Hmm? What'cha gonna do, "givin'-orders-boy?" Lol.

Originally posted by Spider AL
Do I? That's nice. Show me where. Direct quote if you please, no paraphrasing.

Or is it just that anyone who doesn't join in your fanatical anti-auto-blocking chant because they can time their shots to hit during the opponent's swing is "praising random blocking?" You tell me.

I at any rate thoroughly enjoyed the duelling in 1.02. I thoroughly enjoy the duelling in 1.04. I didn't enjoy the duelling in 1.03, even though I was acceptably good at it. This was because it was imbalanced. Backswing was easy to accomplish, and was an instant kill. Everyone was doing it... But I didn't lose more matches than I lost while playing 1.02. I won and lost exactly the same proportion. I lobbied for 1.04's changes (and many more) to be brought about as vocally as I possibly could though, because I saw that the game was imbalanced. People were doing nothing but this one move. I did not buy Jedi Outcast to play a game of "Pong" with my opponents. That is why 1.03 was bad, that is why 1.02 was good, and that is why 1.04 is also good. Q.E.D.

I am sick of these constant 1.03 complaints I hate 1.03 I've said this again and again.

You may not have said those exact words but the fact that you never stated your position as nuetral but you did attack my views for being against it, that in logical terms is the same as supporting it.

No I am not hunting down quotes, I don't answer to you, and frankly don't care if you would like evidence of your previous arguments. You know that you defended it, I know you defended it, and thats enough for me. You can take a trip down memory lane without me

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