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Blaming all the failings of the prequels on an attempt to be funny is miles off the mark
It would be miles off the mark, if I had done so. I did not. I pointed out the buttock-clenchingly bad attempts of humour in the prequels... I did not say for one moment that they were the cause of ALL the failings of those films.

Han Solo is a good example of how humour is used successfully in the original trilogy
You'll get no argument from me on that score matey, Harrison Ford made the best of some truly bad lines.

My point was if you dont like them, dont use them
I take it you didn't note the paragraph in my previous post, detailing exactly why I don't use many addon maps. It's because most mapmakers have no idea about flow and gameplay... still less have any idea about weapon and powerup placement, and even fewer can engender atmosphere into their maps.

Oh, and the remainder try to be funny. So I use a grand total of three addon maps.

Also, about your critique of Lucas' lack of skill in being funny.....I seriousely doubt your opinion causes him to lose any sleep or money.
Lol, and I doubt he gives a talking-fig about your staunch defence of him, sonny-Jim. The fact remains however, that he is feeble and crap at humour among many other things. Perhaps if he payed attention to some of the better written reviews of his films in major newspapers and intellectually acceptable film magazines, he'd refrain from his obvious mistakes.

So there's a lesson to be learned for mapmakers: Pay attention to criticism. You don't have to like it, but take the ideas on board.

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