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Originally posted by Spider AL

lol, and I doubt he gives a talking-fig about your staunch defence of him, sonny-Jim. The fact remains however, that he is feeble and crap at humour among many other things. Perhaps if he payed attention to some of the better written reviews of his films in major newspapers and intellectually acceptable film magazines, he'd refrain from his obvious mistakes.

So there's a lesson to be learned for mapmakers: Pay attention to criticism. You don't have to like it, but take the ideas on board.

The FACT remains he managed to create something as huge as the Star Wars Universe and all that acompanies it, despite YOUR critique of him. I am sure he accepts criticism from those who have something intelligent to say. I am not defending him, just stating fact. Everyone has their own opinions, that is a fact of life. Most people whom are critical by nature are so because they cant do, so they find fault with those that can.

There is a big difference from making a suggestion to improve something versus being critical. When you make your first map be sure to let all of us know so we can try it out.

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