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The FACT remains he managed to create something as huge as the Star Wars Universe and all that acompanies it, despite YOUR critique of him.
Haw! Naive. Lucas has had no personal hand in the Expanded Universe. Games? No. As for the films, well the prequels are obviously inferior, and of the original trilogy, Lucas only wrote the screenplay/directed ANH. He has admitted that he cannibalised the concept for the films from dozens of Japanese movies and endless eastern philosophical references. Chi, of Chinese mythology and complementary medicine, is the Force.

So please, give your Lucas-hero-worship a rest. He made a great movie when he was a young and fervent film-maker, but IMO he was lucky in the skilled, yet unknown cast. From then until now, he's been trying his VERY best to ruin the whole franchise.

Most people whom are critical by nature are so because they cant do...
When you make your first map be sure to let all of us know
Oh please, is this the limit of your argument? "J00 cnat mkae maps so shut 0p!!!!11" Why don't you go over to I released some original JK maps over there, of particular interest is the last and best of my released creations, "Nearness of the Bogan." So don't even start with that tired old riposte. I know all about the process of making levels, and I know what makes good levels good, and bad levels bad, when compared to their peers.

And you could read a couple of my reviews at which typify my experience when it comes to critique and analysis.

Oh, and I possess perhaps the most important qualification necessary to be a critic: I know the game well. Few can tell if a level is good to play or not... I can. I don't just bibble about waving my lightsabre and going "oooh" at all the pretty architecture, unlike some.

So off you go, check it out.

/me waves

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