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Skill partitioning

I've been previosuly flamed for this idea in other game communities but here we go.

I read a lot of posts about JO dying and Raven ruining the game with the patches. Obviosuly, the problems are due to different player skill levels and Raven's inability to make up their mind and put their foot down. Online gaming was not as mainstream as it was 6 years ago, and every gamer cannot be fitted into a same frame. Yet developers are using this outdated mentality. There are players with different skill levels and different reason for play. Dedicated players who play 6 hours a night every day are not the same skill as "Weekend warriors", and it's not all black and white, there's a lot of gray area of variating skills among players. My proposal for all developers out there: Implement skill tracking system. For example, a server could track individual player's stats and assign a skill level to him/her then send the stats to master server. Now, we could have several levels of skilled servers, we could have an "Pro" servers "Intermediate" and "Basic". This system would be logical and players would be happier, for example now a newbie couldn't whine that somebody's "owning" him or accuse people of cheating if he's playing on a pro server.

That's my 2 cents.
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