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There's a lot of different ways to accomplish this newbie problem. You could lock out a player from playing MP untile he's finished with SP (bad idea). And again, you could use a simpler stat system. If a players stats are those of a newbie over some period of time a person could be forced to complete "training/retraining" level which would test every skill that beginning player should know, and until player completes it, he can't join any multiplayer games. Of course, to make this less hackable, the training map could be run on some server which would record progress and finally "graduate" a person once he completes all obstacles. This system could also be used to punish serial team killers and exploiters. The player ID system already exists with games like HL , Quake 3, Tribes 2 , RTCW, and others. So, it could be modified to accomodate the rules I described above. Of course, servers that want people to do whatever they want, could turn off some rules, so everything could be all dynamic.
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