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Oooh, quoting my entire message. That was sensible, and not a waste of space at all.

Still, the more of ME there is in this thread, the better. Mwahahhr.

Lucas had a vision.
Ooh, a holy vision. Hee hee hee, I love it when the fanboys pop out of the woodwork. You love Georgey, don't you.

Until you do the same your just another loudmouth blowing smoke.
Okay... you mean I have to make a film as big at the box office as Star Wars before I have the right to call George Lucas an idiot? Ohhh-kay.

My young friend, one does not have to be one, to know one. For example I am not a raving buffoon, yet I can clearly see that you...

Ehh, I won't go there. Too easy.

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Hewwo, meesa Jar-Jar Binks. Yeah. Excusing me, but me needs to go bust meesa head in with dissa claw-hammer, because yousa have stripped away meesa will to living.
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