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How the CSC works

I see the reason for the confusion. Let me explain:

The CSC score for a player is checked at the instant his saber comes into contact with another player's saber or body.

In the case that a player's saber comes into contact with another player's saber, both players' CSC scores are checked and several things can happen. If the attacking player's CSC score is lower than the defender's by a significant amount, then the defender will knockaway the attacker's saber. If the attacker has a moderately lower CSC score, then the defender will deflect the attacker's saber. If the attacker has a slightly lower score to slightly higher (the defender always has a slight advantage), then the defender will simply block the strike. If the attacker has a moderate to significant advantage over the defender, then the attack will break through the defenders saber, and likely strike them in the process (will not hit if you don't connect with their body).

If the attacker's saber comes into contact with the opponent's body without hitting their saber, then both player's CSC's are checked on contact and the higher of the two wins. If the attacker wins, then a hit is scored and damage accrued. If the defender wins, then they manage to block the strike.

That clear everything up?

I'm going to try adding a "flash" effect to the CSC that will execute when either your attack or defense strength is being checked. It'll essentially turn white and opaque briefly to illustrate what your CSC score was when it was checked.

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