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Filler_Fett (And others who asked about this):

If we're talking about SP.. you can type uh.. 'h_npcfreeze 1' into the console, I believe (it's something along those lines, use the cvarlist, I know the tag is h_ ) It prevents the NPCs from moving.. but they also do not disappear when they die.. you can make a big old pile of bodies.. althought rather tedious between gripping to move them and then killing them.. But if you really want to, you can. Of course, you type 'h_npcfreeze 0' in the console to turn it back off

Just becareful when you use this, since they do not disappear, you can over load the game if you have to many bodies and it runs out of OpenGL slots to spawn an entity into, but there is still plenty of room to make a nice pile of dead people If your frame rate starts to drop, you know you've spawned too many guys, so just turn d_npcfreeze off for a sec, and let it clear out
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