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Promod Fans Please Read

Taking ProMod to the next level

We all are very familiar with ProMod and what Artifex is trying to do with it. I would like to begin this thread by saying that I appreciate very much the effort and time that Artifex has put into this Mod.

I want to make one point clear before I begin: Artifex has ASKED me to write this thread to see what some of you have to say on the matter. This is not me going nuts and trying to hijack ProMod

I have played ProMod many times and have tried to keep in mind the over all goal that Artifex originally stated which was to make a Mod for above average players for competition purposes. In that respect Artifex has moved leaps and bounds beyond standard 1.04. He has created system of defense that force player to work hard at defending them selves. I will state at this time that I completely satisfied with the defense system in ProMod.

However I have some serious concerns with the offensive side of the saber. While ProMod has increased the saber damage to more appropriate levels, it has done nothing to repair the damage done by Raven. All the offensive attacks that Raven weakened in their misguided effort to balance the game remain in a weakened state. This must be fixed if this Mod is to fulfill its potential.

The reasons I say this are not because I love to “spam” as some of you are most likely already mentally accusing me of, but because I believe that these “spamed” techniques and strats are already addressed by the ProMod defensive system. I will site some examples:

-DFA was a problem in 1.02, because too many people spammed it.
The best counter for this at the time was to avoid it. Also it caused many kills while buried in the ground.

ProMod defensive solution: DFA’s can be blocked. So now you can avoid it AND block it. It is my conclusion that there are enough counters available that any player that gets caught with this and killed, has no excuses left to him. Sometimes we can’t allow whiners to rule the day, if they get hit and die, good.

-Spinning Backstab was a problem in 1.02 simply because it was so easy to pull you down. Once you fell it killed you and you were defenseless.

ProMod Defensive solution: You can’t be knocked down nearly as easily as you used to be, not even pull + kick sends you to the ground. Since this move is no longer so easy to use and can be blocked I see no sensible reason for it to remain weakened. Fact is in saber only CTF, a spinning back slash is a very good way of getting out of a surrounding group. This move is no longer an exploit but is in fact a difficult move to pull of that is very useful in difficult situations.

There are also some strats that were weakened seemingly for no reason. Medium stance was slowed down and not allowed to spin in an effort to avoid “spinning top” fighters. Now anyone who was ever any good at 1.02 can tell you that “spinning top” technique only got you killed against anyone that knew what they where doing. The slow spin of medium, has limited its attack ability while strafing and has made it more of a forward attack stance. This make the actually fighting much less enjoyable as it become a battle for positioning, instead of the more lethal style in which you could strike affectively while moving in any direction with having to pause.

Backwards movement was slowed down to add to realism, but I suspect it was to make it easier for some players to land hits. While I do not doubt anyone’s ability here, I must say that it was almost impossible for newer players to land a hit on good players in 1.02. Dodging was a ability made substantially weaker in 1.03 and 1.04. I am suspicious of any changes that make for less of anything.

I will end my rant by stating a simple truth. 1.02 had the strongest and best offense of any of the version to date. ProMod has the best defense. Why not combine the two? Why do we need the offense to stay in its weakened state? I’m sure none of you ProMod fans had any trouble winning in 1.02 in the first place, so do you really need them to be weakened now that you can block them? I don’t think so.

Less is NOT more, regardless of what “l33t” players keep telling us.

I would like this to be a peaceful thread where we can discuss these ideas I have laid out for ProMod. If you want to flame me, send me a PM, and I will be glad to send you back a snide remark. If you have your own ideas about ProMod I would ask that you please start your own thread. This thread is for the assessment and discussion of previously mentioned ideas that I have been asked to present to you by Artifex and several JKII players that do not make a habit of posting on this forum.

Thank you,

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