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Originally posted by FatalStrike
Bah! 1.02 has the BEST offensive ability with the light saber. 1.04 offense is watered down CRAP!

ProMod has the Best defensive system to date.

Please read my ALL PROMOD FANS PLEASE READ to see my thoughts on why the two should be combined.
My opinion on the 1.02 stances if enough to make me not want to play that thing -

Yeah, the 1.02 sabers give more damage, but at the same time is very unbalanced in regards to the stances, so I'd say it's up to people if they like the higher damage or the better stances.

Promod is cool, except I don't like having to face my opponent all the time - I like doing cool flips and twirls while still having my saber sharp and slashing him in the side...

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