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Originally posted by cjais

My opinion on the 1.02 stances if enough to make me not want to play that thing -

Yeah, the 1.02 sabers give more damage, but at the same time is very unbalanced in regards to the stances, so I'd say it's up to people if they like the higher damage or the better stances.
unbalanced? I can kill you using any stance in 1.02....its called practice.

Red is powerful but it has a HUGE disadvantage to Yellow if the yellow users took the time to learn it.

Originally posted by cjais
Promod is cool, except I don't like having to face my opponent all the time - I like doing cool flips and twirls while still having my saber sharp and slashing him in the side...

Yeah its so much more fun to act like a fool jumpin around with your back and side to an opponent

the only reason you can pull this crap off is because of the auto blocking....which makes the gameplay stupid.

Battlefield 1942........
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