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Originally posted by FatalStrike

1.02 is...
has more viable offensive moves
less random factors
higher guns shots per ammo ratio
no moves that lock you in place, you retain control at all times
better medium stance
better blue stance
better red stance
stronger force powers

....only thing it lacked was defense

1.04 is better then 1.03 but still falls short of the pure gaming that came from 1.02. If you askme 1.04 is more of a "pretend your a real Jedi" then the pure quality game like 1.02.
-I don't find 1.02 faster in any way, just shorter duels.
-More viable offensive moves eh? You mean the guns are useful? or that you are forced to use red stance?
-Random factors: Can't see what the difference is here...
-Guns are probably more fun in 1.02 yeah....
-A turnable DFA invites spammage, which it did recieve.
-I'd say the stances are far worse in 1.02 - go see my thread as I don't feel like repeating it all here.
-The force powers are stronger in 1.02 I agree.

I assume you mean blocking with the "less defense" - I agree, but OTOH it has recieved too much blocking in 1.04 IMHO.

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