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Originally posted by cjais

Don't assume I play that way, when in fact I don't. I'm one of those players that makes only the most neccesary rolls and jumps in a duel. I just happen to use techniques that requires me to turn the side to my opponent while my stretched out saber is taking the hits - With promod is just can't do the whole repetoire of my moves.

even in plain boring ol' 1.04 landing hit when your saber is all the way to your side does little or know damage. This change came about in 1.03. Only hits in the center of their arc do max damage, the further away from center the less damage they do....much like ProMod.

Also you shouldn't be able to block on your side and rear....its just plain dumb. But it does help the noobs live a little longer so I guess its all worth it

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