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I don't think you read my least I hope not.

ProMod is not for noobs, if you spam against a good player you die. So if I kill instantly without the use of DFA's or BS in 1.02 everytime someone trys a DFA why can't I do the same in ProMod?

You are flat our WRONG about the only counter to a DFA being another DFA. You can side step and crush them with a vertical heavy slash, I do this ALL THE TIME.

Special moves are moves with HUGE pay offs and HUGE rewards. If you are against a good player then a DFA can cost you your life in 1.02. Now if I was fighting someone that believe the only DFA counter is a DFA well then you would be screwed.

I thought ProMod was for good players, not people who never figured how to counter special moves in the first place.

as for the BS how exactly would this be spammed in an enviroment where you can't block in the back, and you can't pull people to the ground?

I am starting to think the best players stayed in 1.02 because if a spinning DFA was soo hard for you guys to deal with, I'm sorry to say this but I am forced to doubt you skill level.

Besides none of us know what effect the addition of blocking will have on 1.02 type gaming. All of your comments failed to take into account the blocking.

Sorry if this is a flame but considering I am a very good 1.02 player I can honestly say that your views on the impact of DFA and BS on good players in WRONG.

Now if noobs wish to spam, then thats their problem, but I don't think Mods should be designed with noobs in mind.

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