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((OSS: I'm sorry but Raynor can't have artificial sunlight.

1. Outer Rim, no money, they wouldn't bother.

2. Aguma is a temperate world, one of the bread baskets of the Galaxy.

3. Raynor would have to be the same.

I'm afraid since Aguma is cannon anything you attach to it has to make sense.))

((OSS: Scar, you need to read up on tech and EU in general, you also need to pay attention to other peoples mosts more closely.))
[color=red]Well, first i decided to do it on Raynor cus i never mentioned about where Irvine came from, and the timeing was about right on the other rpg

well, maybe if i clear up on some of the explanation of the artifical sunlight statille mirror like thingy's (see im still making up stuff)
sense raynor is a moon (i dont know how big it is, and is on the outer rim, which i have to be cleared on what parts of the galaxy were hit most), so a sheilding not unlike what was used on the death star 2 but prehaps slighty stronger and used on that magnitute might be possible, but for shielding to be used to defent itsefl againest a blast like would have shorted out the sheilding anyway

while at the same time its star would have been blown out, thus the artifical sunlight mirror/sattillites
and seeing is the Irvine is pretty techincal, he was the one whom did all the mantanence

but why it was raynor used for such project (which with that much money could only have been funded by the Empire) can be still up for speculation

BTW: when traveling through hyper space, about a little about half way to anyplace where most of the glaxy isn't exsistant, you wouldnt see anything (no spegetti like effect with stars, cus there arent any)[/color=red]

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