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((OSS: Scar, that works, except one problem, the Holocaust was only 4 days ago, setting that up would require at least months. So really it doesn't work on any level. At any rate Aguma, Hal home got vaped and since the goverment of Aguma wouldn't spring for that kind of tech. The NR wouldn't bother shielding a moon. The only planets set up like that are bases and core worlds.)))

Hal: We're going to Freedon VII. Its a space station in the Har'ass system. The base is more heavily defended than a Stardestroyer. Once we arive we'll meet with what Remains of High command.

*Hal turns to Orthos* The PR people are going to want to talk to you. We're running low on heros.

All the Skywalkers and Solos are dead

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