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((Read, the discussion thread. The Aesir targeted not a section of the galaxy like the core, but everywhere. Destroying 80% of the galaxy. There are few surviving inhabitable planets (Most of the planets still around cannot support life). If the planet had a sizeable population it was destroyed. Planets were popluations smaller then Tatoonie were destroyed. The Surviving inhabital planets either do not have techology, or are not inhabited, or have an extremly small population. The death star would not have enough shielding to survive the stars going nova.

Your safest bet is to have your character be born on Raynor, move to some small colony, which needs the mirors to survive and radiation shields. They were failing at the time of the holocaust, and eventually failed. Causing the population to get Radiation posioning, and Irvine to leave You could even call the planet Raynor minor if you want))

Heimdall: Very interesting, I'll be right back. Oh one last thing, please stay in the lounge, and don't wander, around the ship. It's for your own saftey. If you need anything, I'll be in my cabin

points to one of the doors in the lounge. Heimdall goes to his cabin, sits at his desk and begins to type a message:

Tyr: Republic has joined with the Imps, threat is low. However there appears to be a faction of the New Repbulic military still surviving, at a secret base, possible a resistance group to the new government. I have joined with a group of people, and we are currently enroute to this base. Unsure about the threat from them. Will make contact soon. Enclosed are the coordinates for the base. Final note amoung the Group is Orthos Starkiller, and a relative of Flax.

P.S. How are our people doing on Midgard?

Finishing the message, Heimdall sets the computer to transmit as soon as the ship drops out of hyperspace. He returns to the group

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