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Originally posted by zerowingzero
Spining dfa:

I've never succesfully blocked a dfa in beta 1, and now in beta 2 it's a lot harder, i've never seen someone who blocked it. only way to get in a good defensive position is in blue, crouching and backpedaling, which i doubt someone will do on the fly.

Haveing the dfa spin will give the defender a few options:

Push(FF only)


Right now a good counter is to take a small sidestep and swipe, if it can spin you would have to make a huge dodge, and counter attacking would be more difficult. > easyer to constantly do.

I like the dfa as is, i would like to see higher defence breaker and damage, i hate landing it and haveing the person back out.

Spining backstab: Don't really care, i don't know what the damage is but they are usless, makeing it spin would help those who mess up and do it accedentaly, i don't really see the use for backstabs anyway.

Spining yellow attacks: No, the spins in there right now are slow, and pretty useless, people say "they are good for timing" but i don't see how leaveing your back open to get a diagonal slice is good, back+left/right produces the same crap, but better. What would be nice if the spins were sped up to regular yellow speed or given more damage.

Backpedal speed: I like what was done, even now it's pathetic on how a low skilled player can evade by simply backpedaling and blocking, pull helps but you can't imediatly chain it, there is always a delay.
My main problem with the DFA as is, is that to many people end up dodging it by accident. It only take an inch and you are screwed. Basically I want the moves useful AGAINST THE BEST, not against someone who made a dumb mistake, or against people not facing you in FFA. A move like that might as well not be there in high end dueling.

Also the current Medium stance make you pause while strafing to avoid going into a slow spin that leaves you too open. Why a Medium stance spin would be as slow as a Heavy spin is just stupid. There are too many changes that are making the attacks straight forward.

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