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DFAs were easy to dodge in 1.03/4 and Promod (haven't played 1.02 )

In fact, anyone who attempted one on me got a heavy sideswing to the rear.

It's all the more easier to kill a DFAer in promod, because of increased damage, no rear blocking, and the CSC system letting you have pinpoint aim of their frozen body while their post DFA anim forces them to aim at the ground.

I don't know what's wrong with me, I but I swear it's more difficult to score kills in Promod with spammed DFAs. And it's more lethal to perform one in an FFA or even a duel.

In 1.04, if you DFAed you virtually had a 360 degree blocking circumference that could barely be penetrated by the Medium stance. If someone took a quick swipe at you in Light stance, their attack would be knocked off as if your ass was made of rubber.

In promod all stances can penetrate, and relatively easy at that.

So I don't really understand the need to block DFAs (since you can't block the Medium Finisher/DFA) if you can simply move aside.

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