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Arrow alright man

if u want to join our clan then why would u send an email talking crap about us ??????? that isnt the way to go man its just not like that ..... and if u didnt write that then that isnt ur ip so dont be worried about that ... thats the ip of whoever wrote about our clan sucking ( really they wrote alot of things about us but we cant say or it will get edited) if u didnt write it which im sure u didnt then u dont have to worry about it ... if u wanna duel me or play agianst me or w/e im cool with that its alright just have fun tho but still whoever wrote that crap email about us im not gonna forget about it cuz im getting tired of us taking alot of crap from ppl that dont wanna leave names or clans that talk crap and challenge us and then dont even show up thats sad ..... but other than that i hope everything goes well with yoda teaching u i promise u hes a good trainer
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