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DFA should only do damage on the down stroke, Version 1.02 was completely screwed up; if its block-able then let it spin. I fear that FFA will return to the DFA spam state of 1.02. Increasing the vulnerable time of a DFA attack may help though - if you do the most powerful attack in the game then there should be great risk of failure.

A small arch, say 30 degrees, of spin on the backstab would be nice. Pull/backstab wasn't the only problem. In FFA the spamming in the middle of a crowd was immense. As a NF duelist I never found BS (spinning or damage) over powering or spammable - it was only a problem in FFA. I would have fixed the game-type rather than the nerf the backstab attack.

Allowing unlimited spinning in yellow/stance would be a mistake in light of slower backpeddle. It may only work if there were "jam" attacks or blocks that could interrupt, knock-back, or break the spinning. Maybe the damage could ramp up on consecutive spins to make up for its vulnerability - a wheel kick in martial arts is like hitting someone with a baseball bat but you are verwy, verwy vunwerable.

Back-peddle was nerfed. I was a good defensive player through evasion and avoidance. I can no longer play this style. I'm certain that this methodical and slow form of death is very frustrating to my opponents. And due to the current poor design (slow turn-over) of the Duel-game-type this defensives style verged on inconsiderate for those waiting their turn to duel. I'm not certain whether slow back-peddle is better for game play or not - but it does favor a more aggressive rather than counterfighting style. Currently, strafing away is far better than backing up for avoidance tactics. Losing to someone who backpeddles does not mean your fighting a skill-less player - they are fighting a style counter to yours thus will tend to beat you if your not doing your best. In martial arts counter-fighters are deadly - and for a short distance they can back-peddle as quickly as their opponent can charge.

Promod "IS" 1.02 with better defense and fewer bugs. Why not move forward with enhancements and tweaks, rather than label it as 1.02 with better defense.

1.02 carries an off flavor for many JK players - best not to use it as a label.

Adding the best parts of all versions, if there are any, along with "new content" might be the best approach.
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