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I don't want ProMod exactly like 1.02. I want the better attack styles of 1.02 to be included.

There is no doubt that 1.02 Yellow stance is better then 1.04's. If you think that 1.04 yellow is better PLEASE go play 1.02 and then post your opinion.

Special SHOULD be risky but not stupid. If you can sneeze and avoid it, then there is NO point in using them EVER in high end duels. I only want EVERY move to be useful.

The nerfed back peddle is to appease whiney brats that couldn't land a hit. I had no problem hitting idiots in 1.02 and I found that the game was much more graceful when you could move fluidly.

Red stance was sped up in ProMod Beta 2 and all you wankers got all crazy when I suggested it, and you know what its not the uber stance you thought it would turn into, so please lets TRY BETTER OFFENSE BEFORE you start claiming that spam will occur.

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