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Originally posted by FatalStrike
I don't want ProMod exactly like 1.02. I want the better attack styles of 1.02 to be included.

There is no doubt that 1.02 Yellow stance is better then 1.04's. If you think that 1.04 yellow is better PLEASE go play 1.02 and then post your opinion.

Correct, yellow is more effective in 1.02. But it may not properly balance with the current state of ProMod. When Jk2 was released a year ago I realized that 1.02 was way to bugged. I draw a comparison against Heretic2 - the spiritual forerunner of JK2 combat system. Other H2 players felt the same way. We waited for a patch, but the patching proved insufficient. ProMod is currently the closest thing to an ideal combat system, and, should be used as an example for LucasArts and Raven to draw from for there next release.

To paraphrase the developers "we did not intend yellow stance to be used like a Whirling Dervish". Also, the yellow linked attacks were as quick as the blue-stance linked attacks. This made blue-stance useless. I find Yellow-stance in ProMod to be very effective. And one can still spam (button mash) the attack with great effect.

All stances should remain uniquely different with their own advantages and disadvantages, to which end Artiflex has done an excellent job. I do believe however that linked attacks in red and yellow stance could use a little polishing. Maybe ramping up damage or defense-breaking for consecutive linked attacks might help balance link attacks to a more useful state. Example: the second and third attack of a linked combo should do extra damage - the third strike being exceptionally deadly; as they are currently very hard to hit with. Or maybe the second strike could be the defense breaker and the third attack the coupe de grace. Etc. The idea being that new content be consider rather than old irritations.
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