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Originally posted by mikus_aurelius
I actually like the slower backpedal because it forces players to make a choice. If you want to outdistance your opponent, you have to turn and run. If you can't afford to lose saber blocking, you'd better stay in the fight.

Also, i'm in favor of changes that keep the battle closer together. As impressive as acrobatics can be, I never saw luke and vader dodging that much. Fact is, the primary defense in star wars is the saber block, and while other optionions should be available, think its right for the game to encourage more confrontational duels.
There are too many change encouraging straight simple attacks. This makes for more pretty "sparks" but for much less diverse attacking strats.

Once again we don't know the effect that added blocking would do to a 1.02ish system. Would you always back away when you know you could absorb a hit and counter it? I think the main reason people backed up so much in 1.02 is because you couldn't block.

Battlefield 1942........
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