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There's been some good points made thus far. I agree with Fatal that something extra does need to be added to the DFA. It's got a bit too much risk vs. reward associated with it now. Zero's suggestion to allow it to penetrate better than your average Strong swing sounds like it might be a good idea. I'll see about adding a bit of a CSC bonus to the move. That way it will still be blockable, but will require a defender to have a much stronger defense in order to do so.

Another idea might be to allow the DFA to turn while in the air, but to lessen the power of the strike as you turn away from directly ahead. For instance, if you launched a DFA, and your opponent dodges to your left 45-degrees, and you turn to follow him, then you'll lose some of the inertia of the swing, and thus some of the CSC bonus and damage associated with the DFA. It'd have to be a pretty significant amount. A 90-degree turn would have to render the move nearly useless.

I could also associate some knockback or even a knockdown with a blocked DFA. They wouldn't take any damage from the swing, but they might get knocked off the edge of a cliff or wind up on their ass if their defense wasn't strong enough.


Again, the risk vs. reward is a bit off here. Currently, these seldom hit and present you as a stationary target to your opponent. I'm definitely going to give these a CSC bonus for their sheer surprise factor. However, the sweeps shouldn't get spammed in FFA, because you'll still have to concentrate on getting a single target precisely behind you. Hitting other targets off-center will just result in them blocking the attack. Don't expect to whip out one of these in a 1v1 against a wary opponent and succeed it damaging them. These are only going to work when you've caught your opponent with his pants down. *cough*special move recovery*cough*

I'm probably going to up the damage a bit more as well. If you've got the balls to try this, you should be rewarded accordingly if you do it well.


I also agree that the spin swings are pretty much suicide. Most good players spend a lot of time figuring out how to avoid these. Something needs to be done with them. Here's the options that I can see doing:

1.) Simply up the damage for spin moves. Somewhere between 20-30% would probably be good to start out.

2.) Up the swing speed so that they match normal swing times. I probably wouldn't do this to Blue stance. Its spin swings are ludicrously fast already.

3.) Give them a CSC bonus. It would make sense for the swing to have more inertia since there's more of a wind-up.

4.) Figure out some other control scheme for initiating a spin move so that you never spin by accident.

5.) Remove them entirely and just use their normal, non-spinning counterparts. I hate to remove anything. I'd only do this if there were technical reasons that I couldn't make the moves useful in some other manner.

Final thought

ProMod is not, and will never be 1.02, nor will it be 1.03 or 1.04. It's ProMod, whose goal is to take the things done right from each version and from my own modifications, and pack them into one solid, perfectly-balanced game core, then expand upon it. ProMod will not be finished until: I think that the balance is perfect, CTF is an absolute blast to play with or without guns, and Duels are the ultimate proving ground for the masters of the game.

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