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Originally posted by Spider AL

Oh please, save that cheap ploy for someone with a vulnerable self-image. 1.04 offence is so obviously not toned down. What in blue-blazes makes you think it's toned down? Hmm? Do the words "one-hit-kill in 1.04" mean nothing to you? Tch'ah, it's like talking to a brick wall. If you have problems getting your attacks to hit, it's either you or your ping that's stopping you. It ain't the version number.

As for snide, nonsense. I'm quite open about my contempt for whining.
"one-hit-kill in 1.04" is the best you can come up with? Ok have it your way, I counter your argument with the fact that ALL the saber stances were either slowed down or weakened. Footspeed is slower all way around and special moves and force powers have been weakened.

Toned Down

adj : made less strong or severe
So you see if force powers, special attacks, and saber speed and strength have all been weakened then they were by deffinition "toned down."

Back to your Craftmatic adjustable bed old man!

*shouts for a nurse to help Spider back to bed*

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