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Now there is logic I hadn't thought to use....

Swings are stronger at their center arc and much weaker at their edges. Could the same be done for a DFA? If you turn you lose the same power as you would in a normal heavy hit? So if I hit you 90 degrees right of the center I would do verry little damage? Thats brilliant!!!

It would make DFA's harder to avoid but also much less powerful and useful if launched inaccurately. It should be 100% blockable past...45 degrees?

Can it be done?

You would also have to make its power go straight to zero once it landed to avoid the "buried" hits of 1.02.

I say try it Artifex, like you said this a Beta 3 and not the final version so how will you know anything if you don't test it.

What about increasing the back up speed to full speed when you start moving and slow it down after a few paces? In RL I can take one are two steps backwards at very high speed but then must slow down to avoid falling down. This would allow you small precise dodging up close but not let you run backwards like a bot.

If you don't think you can move backwards fast please watch the NFL on Sunday and see how cornbacks take their first to steps back in pass coverage.

Battlefield 1942........
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