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Originally posted by ArtifeX

I'm a bit hesitant, as those new to ProMod or those who have never played 1.02 may react poorly to a spinning DFA, be it variable damage or not. It won't be something that's readily apparent while playing the game, so many will reflexively think I've just reimplemented 1.02's DFA. I'm going on vacation for a few days starting tomorrow. I'll let this gestate for a few days and see if it's the best solution.

COuld you limit the rotation to 180 degrees so players could script a spin and fly around like frizbee's?

But we are debating nonsense here...the whole DFA argument is simple....

Do you want a DFA than can be used against GOOD opponents or not. As it stands the DFA is not just risky, it is suicide, and we both know it. Maybe not if FFA when people are gathered in crowds, but why have a move so lame that you can only use it when people can't see you?

Just because people don't like something shouldn't give them the right to deny someone else that something. I can't stand blue stance lunge but you will never here me trying to ban it or nerf it. People should decide their own method of attack and we should have a counter for it. Its not cool to have a counter but be too much of a noob to use it and then whine about it being a cheap move....that thinking brought us 1.04 and is the whole reason ProMod is needed to begin with.

Battlefield 1942........
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