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I play using promod at least 2 hours a day, and based on my experience from a many hours playing it, You make some good points IMHO. It seems that many forget exactly what type of players Promod was designed for. I am not flaming anyone here, but not everyone is a topnotch saberist. I know I am not, but I am getting better by playing against a few that are, and I enjoy the intensity of those duels. So keep in mind my opinions are those of a saberist with solid skills, but who's timing and excecution is far from topnotch.

Anyway, The defensive capabilities in promod beta 2 are realistic/solid. The main concern left seems to be the lethality of the saber. Here are my thoughts on this disscussion:

1. You SHOULD pay the price anytime you turn your back to a saber weilding opponent.

2. Therefore, any move, including the specials, that CAN be blocked and/or avoided, should not be nerfed in anyway. Bring back the ability to spin with BS and DFA.

3. Speed up the spins in yellow just a bit, but they needs to remain noticably slower than the blue stance, which is to fast to truely time and control chaining attacks as it is. (just my opinion based on my skills).

4. If the DFA is not to return to the ability to spin, then it needs to be strengthend slightly. Someone that is low on shields and manna that manages to block a well timed DFA should at least be knocked down and not able to back out.

I have more, but those are what I would like to see the most in Promod beta 3. I know this mod was made for saberists of higher skill level than myself, but I love playing Promod against better saberists than myself and won't play anything else.

Kudos to Artifex for all his time, effort and willingness to listen.

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