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K a few points:

Fatal: Backpedal speed needs to be slower than forward runing. Why? Jk2 is not a gun only game. In gun only games, backbedaling really doesnt matter because all damage is done long range. With jk2's saber system, you need to make up distance to get attacks. I was suprised how long it took someone who would hold down backpedal and heal in PROMOD, not 1.04, with the bonuses it would make saber fights really goddamn annoying. Factor in saber throw and kick and you got yourself the worst weapon to use. If you don't belive me, set out 20 min and i'll use that strat, you probably won't finish me without useing a gun or posibly speed.

Spining DFA: more defence breaking, knockdowns would be really cool but there is a problem with that: Knockdowns do nothing

Knockdowns: Tap jump as soon as you fall down and your up. Too slow? just push that dfa that's coming to you. Right now, i can never knockdown someone when i need to, at least while not jumping around like a fool. I suggest enter diff getup times for knockdowns or make them more frequent. Which brings me to another point:

Pulldowns: If someone force jumps with their back to me, i think it would be right if i pulled them quickly close-up, they would come back AND fall down. It's only logical

Also some other stuff:
Increase blue damage a bit, maybe 5, it takes way to long to use the counter system on the fly, maybe you could show me a demo or something, it's harder to do then it is to explain.

If you decide to make the DFA spin, limit the degrees it can. Maybe 45?
Make dfa's ability to spin stop when it hits the ground.

Also, let suicidebomb DFA's not cancel out after a time, it seems like a waste.
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