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Originally posted by FatalStrike

Hmmm I disagree. I say let the puppy spin but, make a hit points arc for it.
Straight hit (about 10% center) would be full strength,
15 degrees farther right/left - Heavy hit and break points
30 degrees farther - a yellow stance hit and break points
40 degrees after that a blue hit and break points
anything past that or while in the ground after landing would result incidental hit (5 hp no block break)

Let the thing turn on the ground if its harmless
I disagree. It's not the advantage i'm worried about it is the less than perfect counter block system. In theroy, during the yellow finisher recovery time they are helpless, however some hits DO Get parried. In theroy, useing lightning/drain will leave you vernerable, but still some hits do not go through. Leting it spin might give the dfa a unnatural boost in defence, be simply faceing in the direction of the counterattack.
I need to exparament with this some more, but if it isnt the case i have no problem with it.
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