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Originally posted by Krayt Tion
Let me first say that for me the fight against him was the climax of the game. Plus I was having a major Mohc flashback the entire duration of it- until the end, because the Mohc AI never flaked out on me.

I was a little disappointed when I found an AI bug with Fyyar that when exploited allowed me to kill him easily.

I'm not going to mention what it is, because frankly, I don't want anyone else to have their fight spoiled by such a silly thing.

You kinda loose believability and immersion when you can get a big bad boss to end up facing away from you and not caring while you pound him with rockets (all by legitimate means, too).

Yeah i found an AI glitch too.... it was kewl though cause i found it on the second time through. I too will say nothing of it.

this is what i did to defeat Fyyar......

i used the rocket launcher on him until his shield went down then i used the repeater and it nuked the brain cells right outta his head! use force heal while doing this cause your gunna get beat up a little. it's an extremely easy procedure and the fastest one i've tried.
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