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good observation

That's why I suggested in my post that they also be given some kind of csc value. Walking foward will decrease your defense. Glad someone else noticed that force drain and, well, force anything is very safe to use. their animations still block. Yellow finisher, blue lunge, sometimes even red dfa if you stand too far away from them and then charge foward all give the user some kind of defense. I'm all for these moves being very usable, but I'm not for them having defense added to them.

If it were possible to give them csc values, it would be great. Then you could give them like a minus 15 csc, something that would ensure that even the crappiest of blue stance swings would injure the opponent should they go into those animations.

Give backstab it's spin and it's power. Sure, I'd be happy if i could control my stab these days, but I'm also being punished if I land a backstab now as well. No, I do not walk backwards. But to entertain myself, I try to land one of those flashy moves, just to see. When I do some how land the hit, it gets blocked (GOOD THING), but sometimes I hit, but the damage I trade is ridiculous (BAD THING). Sure, people will initially start spamming backstab if they know that it has the potential to do serious damage, but if you could assign a huge csc defense penalty to these moves, we can watch them happily use their moves all they want, and then appropriately make sardines.

Heck, just like the saber throw idea giving you a double damage penalty, why not give getting hit in the back, using a back stab, and saber throw a double damge penalty?

Also, if dfa is going to spin, give us back controllable blue lunge too. It's blockable, and if lightstance is always going to be this low damaging poke stance, might as well it back the one offensive weapon it had back. If people thoroughly reject that, then give back the blue lunge in the air. I don't know, I could care less that someone said that blue lunge is a 'SPECIAL'. Glad you ordained a move that is nothing more than a powerful uppercut. If you get rid or alleviate some of it's uber block animations, then spamming it will be dangerous, pending the person knows what he's doing. Even with the animations, there are multiple methods of getting around it.

I like the pull behind the back idea as well. Bring the knockdowns back in some form. Maybe not when you're standing in front of me and we're fighting. But how about even if we have a csc clash, and I happen to defend well and win. It would ben ice if I could get really close, and if I happen to get a good csc on the opponent before he I either ducks or aims his csc well enough, then I can knock him down. This would add a little to the atmosphere. I mean, they can already get up pretty fast as is.

If that lightsaber is made more lethal, i.e it gets a great deal of it's offensive 1.02 capabilities back, make lightstance not 5 but like 10 points stronger, heck, make it as strong as yellow, I mean it doesn't have nearly as much offesnive clash power, or range. Trade range and offense for speed and defense. Just give it the same amount of power. Who cares if we all go "but where's the incentive to use yellow then"? Well, it has practically the same speed, and if it's 1.02 style, you'll be quite deadly. Blue stance will remain a short range counter system, only much more reliable. right now, it is not the most popular, yellow is. this isn't a bad thing. but it is also the least used stance, and not just because it takes time to master either. Even if you do 'master' it, the rewards are quite small.

Great, civil, intelligent discussion.
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