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Guys, i think you're underestimating Blue stance. I've been using it almost exclusively in 1v1 situations for some time now just to test its balance, and I have to say that I've won the lions share of those encounters.

The real power behind the stance is Blue's ability to defend to a degree while attacking. All of Blue's swing arcs are short and directly in front of you (excluding spins). That means that your saber is always between you and your foe if you're aiming somewhere close to them. That makes it much more difficult for enemy swings to bypass your saber and hit your body directly.

Most of the ProMod games are running FFA and CTF right now. Try a duel gametype or private duel and give blue a shot. It really is deadly when used under the right conditions.

The blue lunge isn't going to be rotateable because in the animation both feet are firmly planted on the ground. I'm only considering the DFA because half of the animation is in the air. As soon as you hit the ground you won't be able to turn any more.

Couple of new developments
The in-game server browser for Beta 3 now has a ProMod filter up and running. This'll be a huge help for mod newbies and those that don't like using qtracker or ASE.

On Push/Pull: if you get Push/Pulled from behind at close range by level 2 or 3 Push/Pull, it's going to knock you down.

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