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me too man, I bought the game plugged in the MP and I was shocked when there was no assult game mode. This is Star Wars!

But really all this is is somthing to keep us busy until the real assult mods. All I did was change some models and stuff to make it seem like assult when really its just a CTF map. I just did this to stimulate map makers to show them that we can have more complex maps than whats been released.

That being said, this is the first map I've ever made and it really doesnt look that pretty.

Oh you asked for screens...(they may be a bit dark)

this is the captured rebel ship

here I'm hacking the hangar door

And 1min later...

It looks like the Deathstar ffa map but I've made alot of changes like adding vent shafts

These are control nodes that rebels can use to free thier allies from detention

more comming...

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