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I'm sure you have dominated with blue stance lately Artifex, however my main issue is just how quick and efficient blue stance is. Right now, yellow stance and red stance can procure quick kills, however blue stance cannot. Now, while you may be of the opinion that we don't need every stance to be the quick killer, I don't know.

Just to alleviate anyone's suspicions, I am not a 'blue stance user'. I use it, but it is not my meat and potatoes of moevement. I actually try to rely heavily on heavy, but of course need to use medium to keep up. I actually think that is better, being forced to use normal swings as opposed to heavy blows. But when the opening is right, the heavy blows come out.

However, when faced with a good blue stance user, I'd prefer that he were able to off me more quickly. I feel that this would not only make me more happy because I enjoy being schooled fast and furiously by anyone, not just someone who enjoys using blue stance, but also it could promote the other players who come into the game charging with yellow and force them to "calm down". Right now, blue stance gets the job done, but I fell like it doens't get it's point across fast enough. Some people can combo blue stance excellently, and kill quickly. Others, like myself, don't like to combo. I just like to block and get in one hit. It's like ingrained in my body and mind.

Perhaps blue matching yellow in damage is a little much. Actually, I don't feel it is. This would in effect slow the game down. Blue stance is relatively easy to block. In its countering though, it's tough to avoid. This would force people to think more carefully, bringing that tension you feel when you see the movies. Anakin taking those wide swings at Dooku, but the whole time you just know that Dooku's style is going to eventually just spread Anakin to thin and waste him. I am a serious dork.

I'm also going to say it again, but I would love if you would make those parries, deflects, and knockways more pronounced. Restricting movement and momentum of the opponent. So if I parry, deflect, whatever, the opponent doesn't just watch his saber leap, he finds he loses control of his direction, perhaps jostling his crosshairs a bit. Just ideas though, probably not practical ones.
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