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FFA has always been a spam fest since the point of FFA is to rack up the most kills and not pretend you are a Jedi, it is by its very nature a "kill a as quick as you can" which means use your strongest weapon.
Never were more truer words spoken!

That's what Deathmatch has always been about. It's not the same as dueling. If you don't like it, play something else! That seems to be the problem here.... sabers have become optimized-for-dueling weapons in 1.04, rather than the spam-happy DM/CTF-friendly weapons they were previously. I guess its time for server admins to learn their console commands and cfg switches to sort that stuff out....

Interesting debate. I guess a lot of it is based on what people "like" and "want" and other subjective things, but let's conduct ourselves without the petty personal flames, okay?

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