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There is one special move in every stance.

Blue/fast stance:

The blue special/lunge: crouch + forward + attack

The backstab: back + attack when the opponent is behind you.

Blue swings are chainable, so you can do pretty neat combos.


Yellow/medium stance:

The yellow special (a.k.a the blender, death from above = DFA , the butterfly etc.): forward + jump + attack while keeping your aim at the opponent.

Yellow backslash: same as the blue backstab

You can chain attacks... and execute 3 random swings normally.


Red/strong stance

Red special (a.k.a death from above = DFA): attack + jump when your swing is halfway done.

Red backsweep: same as the yellow & blue moves.

Chaining is a bit tougher. (Only 2 swings normally.) But you can chain 3 swings with little effort : f.ex forward + forward + left & forward
Forward + left & forward + forward won't work though. Experiment with it and you'll figure it out.

Hope this helps get you goin'

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