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Originally posted by Doctor Shaft
I'm sure you have dominated with blue stance lately Artifex, however my main issue is just how quick and efficient blue stance is. Right now, yellow stance and red stance can procure quick kills, however blue stance cannot. Now, while you may be of the opinion that we don't need every stance to be the quick killer, I don't know.
Blue's meant to be used as a whittling style. It's not meant to take someone down in 2 seconds, though it can if you hit the 6-swing combo right. It's difficult to do, as it should be.

You generally use it against an overly-aggressive opponent to protect yourself until you can find an opening.


I'm also going to say it again, but I would love if you would make those parries, deflects, and knockways more pronounced. Restricting movement and momentum of the opponent. So if I parry, deflect, whatever, the opponent doesn't just watch his saber leap, he finds he loses control of his direction, perhaps jostling his crosshairs a bit. Just ideas though, probably not practical ones.
I'm thinking about adding Inertia as a completely new dimension to combat. I'm still hammering out the details, so I won't spill anything here just yet.

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