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I'd like another Jedi Knight series of games. I wish they hadn't named this game Jedi Knight 2, then the trilogy scenario would have been set. If it had been titled Dark Forces 3: Jedi Outcast, there's the trilogy and story of Kyle Katarn.

Then the new game/series could be about another of Luke's Jedi, possibly taking certain aspects of the Expanded Universe novels and having the main character be someone such as Corran Horn, Kyp Durron, Kam Solusar, or perhaps even Luke himself. How many games actually have Luke in it where he's a full fledged Jedi Master that you can control him? Any at all?

Or perhaps they could take it the other way. Have the main character be an anti-hero. A trilogy on a Dark Jedi or Sith-type character and his/her mis-adventures.

There are many ways they could go with this as they expressed in the survey which I hope all of you took the time to do. I do agree though that the story of Kyle Katarn should end with Jedi Outcast as far as games go.
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