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((Redwing right, Orthos never transfered to Heimdall's Ship. So in this post I'll try to make everything agreeable. I'm going to shorten somethings so I don't post everything again... We have a little time problem.))

*Ships enter hyperspace. Heimdall and the Group move to the lounge, Irvine is placed in a bunk, put restraints on. His lightsabers are placed in a cabinet above Irvine. Heimdall then types his message. Then returning to the group answers Irvine's question about the restraints and lightsabers*

*The ships drop out of hyperspace, at the edge of the system, Orthos then docks with Heimdall's ship. THe message Heimdall previously typed is transmitted, heavily coded*

Orthos:So we're going to Raynor? I'm not sure...

Hal: We're going to Freedon VII. Its a space station in the Har'ass system. The base is more heavily defended than a Stardestroyer. Once we arive we'll meet with what Remains of High command.

*Hal turns to Orthos* The PR people are going to want to talk to you. We're running low on heros.

All the Skywalkers and Solos are dead

Orthos: I'm not a hero. My uncle was a hero. Now all I want is...revenge. I'm going to tear the second imperium to shreads if I have to tear out their filthy hearts WITH MY OWN BARE HANDS!

Irvine still restaind to his seat: "well how you you like to have in your intire life that you hardly knew your own father, then to find out that he along with some deac blew up most of the galaxy?"

Trust me, i hate me father for abandonning me and my mother on Raynor, now i have to live in with his name knowing what he'd done, and i hardly knew the bastard myself..."
((That should fix everything))

Heimdall Looking out a viewport at a space filled with stars: Strange to think that most of those stars out there no longer exist. How strange it will be to see the light from those stars disappear. *returning to the main business at hand* Hal, we are approaching the base, I assume you need to transmit some codes so we don't get destroyed.

((in case your wondering how the stars can still give off light when they no longer exist, it is because light travels at the speed of light, which means if you are not in the system, and are using a telescope to look at space, you wouldn't know that the holocaust happened. Until the remaining light reaches your planet in years, 10s of years, or hundred of years.))

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