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Name: Irvine Cracken
Gender: Male
Age: 37
Species: Humaniod
Homeplanet: Raynor
Ocuppation: Jedi Master
Skills: Duel Saber, Apprentice in both dark and light force
Appearance: Long White Hair, wears black leather cloaks, and armour. wields twin Blue Lightsabers whom Father Lord Cracken left him.
Personality: Very Techological enlightend, easily irritated but now doesnt not boter him so much, gets things done, sarcastic
Biography: Born on Raynor, was abandoned by his father (age 8) (who'd later to be come Lord Cracken of the Sith), lived with his mother til she dies of radation piosoning (age 13), and get further raised by his grandparents (mother's side) on Raynor II (after holocuast), later a deadly virus kills everyone he knows on raynor II but himself, and has no choice but to leave the planet (at age 25) and to Coresant:

*events of Cantina Spinoff*

Later now age 27 begins his Jedi training, and becomes a full jedi, only becuase of his natual force abilities he was trained.
Then later he hears of a Revenant that was also envolved in the holocaust. Irvine despritely searches what remains of the galaxy for a time device along with an also fully trained fellow (but still not as agreeable freind) jedi Orthos Darkstar. After giving up, Irvine looks at the twin Lightsaber case that he was given to him by his father when he was younger, and notices it carries pieces of main components of an old time streaming device, and with that using his techincal knowledge, Irvine builds himself a new Time streaming device and traveals back to raynor along with orthos to find a way to defeat this Revenant.

hint! hint! @ Deac: now we gotta see orthos in fight for the future ^_^

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