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on spins

Artifex mentioned yellow spins and possible solutions. I thought i'd throw my opinion out there. I think a damage/csc bonus is a better solution than speeding up yellow spins. Two reasons for this:

1. The yellow spins look powerful, go do one in game, particularly the spin to the right looks like it has tons of momentum behind it. Hitting with that spin (when it ever happens) feels very satisfying, though the damage is the same.

2. More impostantly, options. If you want to do a spin thats fast enough to minimize your risk, you already have such a move. blue spins. Variety is the key to interesting tactics. Making yellow spin more like a blue spin only limits options, and i'm never in favor of that.

Anyway, what do others think? This is an important topic to me, as i find spins fun, and it would be nice if they became viable.

P.S. I have to back artifex up on the power of blue stance, it really wreaks havoc on yellow when used properly.
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