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Scarface: Redwing refers to this discussion thread.

Other problems with your character, if use the one from the Cantina threads:

1. The Jedi no longer exist, with the exception of Misea and 1 other. Luke Skywalker is also dead.

2. If the group from Cantina 7 are successful then the holocaust would never happen.

3. Your controling another character who you didn't create.

4. If you read the discussion thread, you will see the time span covers more then just 2 years. Around 20 I think. So your character could not be 27, but 47.

5. What Redwing said.

I believe Coruscant is destroyed, I know Yavin 4 is. Also I don't think there is such a rank as Superme Jedi Master. Jedi Master being the highest rank of the order.

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