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Originally posted by txa1265

You mean something like SoFII's Random Mission Generator, but for JKII? That would be really sweet! I really enjoy playing those little missions ...

Imagine the JKII Expansion Pack (TM) having 3 key features - a nifty new SP mission based around Kyle and or an apprentice, some cool new MP features like co-op or whatever, and finally a RMG. The RMG - which, of course, Raven already has developed - would need to take on an additional dimension to kick arse. You'd need to be able to choose to play as a Jedi, Dark Jedi / Sith, Apprentice, or Merc. Your missions would be based on that.

Cool ...

Yep that's what I mean, but dynamically generated not scripted. Choosing what type of force weilding character would indeed be sweet as well.

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